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Graham Akhurst

Graham Akhurst is a Kokomini writer who grew up in Meanjin.


He is a Lecturer of Australian Indigenous Studies and Creative Writing at UTS. Graham began his writing journey in a hospital bed in 2011.

He read and started journaling between treatments for Endemic Burkett Lymphoma. As a Fulbright Scholar, Graham took his love for writing to New York City, where he studied for an MFA in Fiction at Hunter College.


He is a board member for the First Nations Artists and Writers Network and Varuna. He lives with his wife on Gadigal Country in Sydney and enjoys walking Centennial Park with a good audiobook.   
His debut YA novel, Borderland, is being published with UWAP in October 2023.

Borderland_cover (004)_front.jpg

Published by University of Western Australia Press

2020_11_20_Graham_Prospect Park_0620_edited.jpg

Photography by Giovana Schluter Nunes

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